• Kelly Tavares

Train or coach?

In Europe, for the most part, on a low cost trip, the coach is the best option. If you are wondering what a coach is. I tell you, I also did that. For me a coach was an old-fashioned vehicle pulled by horses. But it is how British people name the buses they use on long journeys. National Express is the company that makes this service in UK.

The good thing about taking the train is that you can cross different touristic towns with privileged views, so it may pay off the higher price since it also works likes a touristic journey. Besides on your way back you can take the coach (bus) to save cash on longer journeys. It’s always worth checking both alternatives with the use of apps, because many times the advance ticket will have almost the same fare independent of your choice. Besides, with you’re lucky enough you will testimony beautiful moments of encounters and farewells, something that has more of a magical atmosphere on train stations.

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