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Family Fun Art Plan!

“It was a really fun program, Kelly.  I had heard so many good things about your previous programs that when I saw you were on for January I quickly volunteered to host.  I know Ben had a great time too, and was later heard singing “what is in the baby’s soup.”          Jay, Library  Educator

Title: Create-a-thon!

Day of the week and date:  Monday, January 2, 2012 Start time:  11:00      &      1:00 End time:  12:00        &    2:00 Arrival time of presenter: 10 am to set up


The idea is to encourage people to create with anything in their lives. To prove that through constant practice, creativity is unlimited like a water fountain. To encourage families to compose with different supplies, colors and shapes without predetermined goals other than to come up with “something” aesthetic without fear to experiment.

Below is the video of “Palavra Cantada” group. This is the original version of the song “What is in the baby’s soup?”. The English version that is a great success in my class!

“Ingredients and recipe” for “The baby’s soup song”

Puppets: Crocodile, frogs and butterfly

Pick up a cd from the Putumayo to make the ambience

cd player glues (white or stick) oil pastels and other supplies related with the stations below

Animals’ pictures, scissors

Instruct volunteers in some of the techniques with the different supplies and on how to give attention to individuals.

I like to vary and make the 1st session a little bit different from the 2nd. I can tell a story in the first and play the baby’s soup on the next.

Session program:

5-13 min Introduction

Introduction to art experiences:

Art starts in the head and can be done through the use of voice, body and soul. (Ask parents to provide examples giving them a chance to show their talents. I can provide some examples, too)

Story telling or animal song with puppets’ game (What is in the baby soup?)

Choose 1 story from the following:

Suggested stories or songs:

Younger kids: A cuca, borboletinha, sapo jururu, the baby’s soup

Kids over 6: O boto cor-de-rosa, Iara, or the Devil’s dream

Group Activity: Interactive composition’s Improv. “Performance”

Let’s start to create!?

Demonstrate the creation of a photo collage of a hybrid animal and mosaic with soft paper.

Show samples

Demonstrate the creation of a modeling clay painting. Use tools. Show samples

Demonstrate the creation of a 3D object

Would you like to create your own art work now?

Invite children and parents to the tables

Provide support

If there is time left, invite them to a circle to share their creations and talk about them.

Stations’ options: Collage station: fun papers, fabrics, thick paper sheets, magazines or calendars Suggested activities: mosaic, hybrid animal photo collage, story illustration

Modeling clay painting stations: different colors of modeling clay, thick paper sheets, little wood tools to draw (sticks)

3D objects: wires, styrofoam balls, plastic eyes, wood sticks

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