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Carnaval Brasil! A Cozmic Party!

Here are the footprints of a memorable party!!!!!!!!!! Around 400 people had a wonderful time at Cozmic and are asking for more!

A positive turn out adding to Eugene the amazing happiness and good energies that represent the Brazilian vibrations to the world. I am very glad to be part of this event and community and to share my love with so many amazing friends!!!!!!!!!

It is interesting how we can recreate the tradition of one culture into another one and make it unique. The Carnaval Brasil from Eugene is different from the Brazilian Carnaval; it is different from an American mardigras; It is a blend with its unique flavors and with one thing in common… the love for celebrating life!! In a Brazilian way in north America!

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“Thank you Kelly and Jessica for making us part of it, Petr enjoyed the music very much, this was the first time he goes dancing in many years. When we left at midnight the people walking behind us (who were at the event) were saying that they had not had so much fun in a long time.”            Marina Herrerat

I feel honored! Thank you all for contributing with your good vibes!

Thanks for contributing with a cause that extends its support beyond borders! For more information about this fundraising event see the organization’s website and learn more about how your fun night at Carnaval Brasil helps to connect Southern and Northern Americans. SHSKI’s web site here.

Congratulations to the Cozmic! Thanks to its managerial structure we can have a special community space where multiple generations mingle and learn to respect one another. It is very beautiful to see adults and children cultivating friends and dancing together with their families, instead of leaving the children at home. This reminds me of the Brazilian samba schools with grandparents and grandchildren building their culture together!

More information about the bands and event here.

Cesar also lives his impressions of the Cozmic party in his blog, check it out! Brazilian Carnaval @ Cozmic Pizza in Eugene.

A production with Eugene Arte Latino

Below photos by:Jessica Zapata, Nagyla Campos, Silvia Mingo, Martha Morales and Kelly Tavares.

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