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Trip advisor campaign for Rio Encantos Tours

When you travel abroad either by yourself or with a group you want to go to the best places and take the most out of each moment. A tour guide has an important role to guarantee that your experience will be unforgettable. So what are the qualities that you expect from this professional? What are the qualities that you know we have? Please contribute with your testimonial here:

Many people have provided excelent testimonials for me and the guides from Rio Encantos Tours. As a consequence, we were granted with Tripadvisor’s Certificate of Excelence 2016/17. This certificate is of great importance for small businesses to be found in such a competitive global market. Today our ranking is good but we are seeking for a higher position in order to gain more visibility.

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Photo: Kelly Tavares Rio Encantos Founder

Many visitors who match with Rio Encantos’ mission and proposal are eager to find us, but they don’t know where we are. Many of them use Tripadvisor to reasearch and find the guides and agencies who resonate with them. This is how we are found by a lot of clients. To enhance our chances we need your support, please testify clicking on the image below.

We are developing a Tripadvisor campaign to collect testimonials either from friends, contacts, and prior visitors who understand the value of our work. If you want to support our growth and believe on what we do, please feel free to collaborate leaving your testimonial below. You can still participate with us even if you haven’t taken a tour before, because if you have met one of us, connected, worked, hung out, or toured around you are entitled to provide a testimonial about our qualities that are inherent and required from a tour guide.

Think about some of those qualities, not to cite all of them here: punctuality, friendly, knowledgeble, organized, connected, smart, honest, efficient, etc… If you think that we hold some of these strenghts and skills please share that with the broader world community and help to spread the word about Rio Encantos Tours.

If had any experience travelling and hanguing out with any of us feel free to share it adding pictures (if possible), and describing how that have impacted your life. Thanks. Gratitute


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