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The world family dream

After I started my trajectory as a cultural ambassador at the International Cultural Service Program (ICSP), I found out how much I need to stay in a diverse multicultural environment. Back in Brasil I immediately started to build that up, meeting friends and cultivating new ones from diverse backgrounds and origins. Afterwards I founded the Rio Encantos tour company in Rio de Janeiro and became a licensed tour guide. At the agency we develop an excellent work with a network of friendly guides who are pleased to share their love and passion with visitors from all over the world. Rio Encantos completed 6 years and is up running generating opportunities for local guides in Brasil. At this moment our goal is to increase the demand and empower other travelers to get the best out of their experiences besides diving into the Brasilian culture. Rio Encantos empowers us with its opportunities to create a vibrant network while meeting people from all over the world.

Besides offering tours my mom and I have been sharing our home in Downtown Rio with travelers and people from all over Brasil and the globe. This practice was inherited from my grandparents who were always welcoming people with their hospitable spirits, making sure the house had a peaceful place to accommodate or a warm welcoming filled with coffee and homemade food. In our home, people come for the holidays or to leave for longer terms while they study or work in the city. Some of them became close family members as we cherish for each other. Our home is definitely a reference for friends, neighbors and guests who were with us. Foremost the point I want to make is that once we acknowledge the valuable assets that we are as human beings we have infinite and unimaginable possibilities to relate to each other.

As I wrote on my first post of this travel series, one of the main goals of this trip was to reconnect with the people I met in Brasil and of course, by the time I had the money to go and a rough plan I was able to choose the direction. I considered a few things being the people I know an ultimate factor of decision. But this was based on my life principle as a people person. My curiosity whenever every guest arrived and I wondered how their lives are back home, their routines, family and friends, cultural assets. Encouraged by numerous invites I realized that I knew more people in the US, Europe, and UK. That was the opportunity to live adventures that could be shared among the amazing people I met. I took my flight to London landed at Fred’s and Gouramani’s house who offered me a warm welcome on a rainy day.

And there have been cold, wet, warm or windy, but rarely hot, the summer in England. So far I have being very well treated wherever I’ve been to: Leicester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, Oxford, Exeter, St Ives, London, Bristol. So far I am experiencing my dream as I dreamed, as Alice in Wonderland on her nightmare, as life is indeed, with its wonders and traps. More friends are about to come, more characters I will meet from this “classic trip” of my life story. Here I quote Vinicius de Morais who said, “Life is the art of encounter although there are so many mismatches throughout life”.

My plan is to travel with the minimum possible, maximizing the resources, working remotely with consultancy, touristic experiences, language teaching and translations, while continuing my trajectory as an arts manager of life endeavors. So far, this is still a dream but a dream that I am already building up and sharing with the people who support me and understand that the meaning of life is beyond accumulating stuff. Through these posts I want to empower other people to fight for their dreams and not let anything put them down.

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