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Rio Encantos Exchange in UK

Here I am traveling abroad also inspired by John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s dream about a world without borders for the sake of love & peace, managing the art of living expressed on its different forms. Making a living in spite of threatening windmills. I arrived in Leicester, UK in June and strolled around cities such as: London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, Oxford, Exeter, Weybridge, with a few more to go. With a few goals in mind, such as: reconnect with people, take a break from Brazilian political issues, look after other perspectives, promote Rio Encantos, deepen researchrelated to the Little Africa tour, support artists, and live for my dream.

Sometimes we need a sequence of awkward happenings to kick ourselves out of our “comfort zone” but it is not “that” difficult to leave when your comfort zone becomes a “discomfort zone”. A few things can drive you out: the lack of air, a need to break through and suddenly, you see yourself out and rocking again, as if all the sorrows and broken dreams had never beaten you up.

Once on the road you feel like a peeled banana on the storm. Your skin is “a flor da pele”, you feel vulnerable and a strong feeling of freedom and fear gets mixed up on your mind. The beauty relies on your vulnerability and bravery, balanced with a strong belief that everything is gonna be alright.

Don’t worry without a thing, cause every little thing is gonna be alright.” Bob Marley

Then, you understand what is in the mind of the crazy, the song of each day lived, the delights and struggles of life, the need to acknowledge every peaceful moment to realize how much it takes to be free.

“So much sea came out of me when I decided to remove the anchor” Rona Neves

Windmills in UK Green landscape representing the madness of seeking your dreams

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