• Kelly Tavares

Street Art in Rio Tour

Street art has become an international barometer for emerging art, with works and artists that are often simultaneously local and transcultural. Travelers from all generations have come to understand the value of learning about street art when they visit a new destination, often connecting references from one country to the next. In  Rio de Janeiro you’ll find much of a compelling street art in Latin America – a graphic, conceptual conversation about the politics, history, and future of one of the world’s most creative region. Enjoy with #rioencantos tours and artist educator Kelly Tavares.

A guide who loves art for as long as she can remember. Kelly can provide a comprehensive overview of her hometown’s dynamic street art movement, featuring some of its most influential movers and shakers. You’ll observe the surprising variety of media (sculptures, musicians, pixels, stencils, paste-ups!) they use to keep the city’s alive.

Kelly offers a number of circuits, all customizable, so let her know if you’re keen on a particular part of town. You can choose to explore on foot (to see how the graffiti scene has taken off inside a single colorful community) or on wheels (if you prefer to cover a lot of ground). Rio Encantos Tours can also include a visit to the street art neighborhood of Santa Teresa. Book Now!

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