• Kelly Tavares

Soundtrack to Little Africa Tour

Many songs could be part of the African Diaspora soundtrack of life and heritage. Today I want to share two beautiful and deep soungs that will touch your soul if you listen as if you were praying.

One is “Slave Driver” from artist, composer, guitarrist and singer Henry Saint Clair Fredericks, mais conhecido como Taj Mahal (Nova Iorque17 de maio de 1942) é um cantor e guitarrista de blues americano, nascido no Harlem, Nova Iorque.

The other one is from my muse, queen, powerful diva of Brasil, Elza Soares. The multifaceted singer and composer who created this lament “coração do mar” (Heart of the sea), from her latest album “A mulher do fim do mundo” (The woman of the end of the world) “And she has continually updated her music. Taking note that the experimental music scene is now based in São Paulo, she recorded this remarkable new set with a band that includes Kiko Dinucci of Metá Metá and members of Afrobeat-influenced Bixiga 70. They mix samba with distorted rock and jazz influences on songs that deal with subjects including domestic violence and the death of a crack-addicted transvestite. Soares’s husky, crooned vocals dominate throughout. Surely the Brazilian album of the year.” (The Guardian, June 9, 2016)

And what about your songs? Which ones do you think should be included in this soundtrack?

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