• Kelly Tavares

Experience in Education

Professional Experience

Art Education Consultant, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil,  2012/2013.

Temporary consultant for youth arts program at Estudio Escola de Animação

Museum Educator

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art (JSMA), UO, Eugene/OR, 2009/2011. 

Developed and managed art classes at the Museum’s studio for children ages 5-17.

Encouraged active learning through the exploration of the creative process in art education.

Facilitated family events coordinated by the development, marketing and education departments, including membership, and community programs.

Museum of Natural and Cultural History (MNCH), UO, Eugene/OR, 2011.

Developed art classes at the Museum’s studio for children ages 5-7.


Eugene Public Libraries, 2011/2012.

Tell stories at the downtown, Sheldon and Bethel libraries for children and families.

Plan and teaches art classes at the downtown branch for children and families.

Museum Educator Intern

France-Brasil Home Foundation (FCFB), Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, 2010

Assisted on the strategic planning development for the educational program.

Reported observations and creative solutions for marketing and management strategies.

Art Educator

Training of Trainers Program, with 4J Schools’ District, Eugene/OR, 2009.

Taught 2-16-year-old children for a training program for Latin American families.

Preschool Art Teacher

Theodoro Fae Municipal Public School, Vitoria/ES, Brasil, 2008.

Developed and managed art classes for 2 to 6-year-old kids at a low-income community.

Community Cultural Facilitator at the Culture Jam, Veneta, OR, 2011.

Facilitated workshops at the Culture Jam youth summer camp for youth ages 15-18.

Teacher Assistant

Estacio de Sa College, Vitoria/ES, Brasil, 2005/2006.

Assisted the development of creative projects in the photographic studio, B&W laboratory, and digital arts.

Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo, Vitoria/ES, 2004/2005.

Assisted professors and college students to develop art projects at the school of visual arts.

Assisted the development of creative projects in the printmaking studios of lithography, woodcut, etching, and alternative printmaking arts.

Museum Educator Intern

National Museum of Anthropology, Natural and Cultural History, Museu Nacional da UFRJ and Botanical Garden, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1996/1997.

Developed knowledge of ancient history, anthropology and archaeology, as history student of the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ).

Provided professional development training at museum educational program for K-12 teachers.

Cataloged collections’ data and designed didactic materials for exhibit interpreters and educators.

Collaborated with the development and managed of the school and teacher programs.

Additional Education

Trainings received at the Teaching Effectiveness Program, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, USA, 2012.

Art Education in Dance and Theater 

Municipal School of Theater and Dance – Escola Municipal de Teatro e Danca (FAFI). Vitoria/ES, 2000.

Received training in art education for theater and dance methodological practices for interaction, creation, and improvisation.

Volunteer work

Theatrical Group Rehearsals for life, UO, 2009.

Helped to generate solutions, through theatrical games, for the complex problems facing graduate students and to further issues of diversity, equity and access on campus..

Developed interactive theatrical presentations based on the Theatre of the Oppressed model.

Centro Latino, Eugene, OR, 2008/2009.

Assisted Hispanic mothers and children with recreational activities involving the Latin American Culture in this non-profit org. Participated on the fundraising and planning committees.

For more information you may access my Detailed Curriculum Vitae

Since early age I have an interest to teach and develop teaching methods to help friends in their learning processes.

Before my daughter was born I started to study children’s development and teaching in order to help with her education.

In 1996, I entered the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), through a national contest, to the history department in order to pursue a licentiate. At the history department I studied sociology, anthropology, Brazilian and contemporary world history, European medieval history, psychology, and research methods.

Due to my new responsibilities as a mother I decided to stop my course at the UFRJ, in order to dedicate more time to the education of my daughter. We moved to a smaller city in the state of Espirito Santo and while I was a full-time mother

In 2000, I started to work as English teacher in private schools for K-12, in the city of Venda Nova do Imigrante and later in Vitória, the capital of the state. In the meanwhile, I also taught English in different language schools where I received training for ESL teaching, enhancing my skills and gaining expertise with the use of diverse teaching methods. I enrolled in different teacher training workshops and courses to incorporate art in my curricula and I started to work with preschoolers at the First World Educational Center, a bilingual international school in Vitoria. At the First World Educational Center I could develop my own curricula and methods incorporating previous experiences and research in an environment of English immersion and art.

To pursue my formal education in a higher setting and enhance my teaching skills, I decided to pursue a degree in visual arts. In 2002, I entered the Federal University of Espirito Santo (UFES), through another national contest, to the art department, in order to be a licentiate.

My successful career as an educator, is due to the 12 years of experience with different levels of teaching in diverse settings. I have worked as a community facilitator for adults, as teacher assistant for college students at UFES and Estacio de Sa College, plus the vast experience with pre-K and K-12.

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